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Data Science Study Confirms:

Relationship Health Predicted by How Well You Know Each Other, Not How Alike You Are Can technology help us to have healthier romantic relationships?


People Enjoy Giving Valentine’s Gifts More Than Receiving

Data from more than 200,000 answers about gift preferences shows that people in relationships like to give gifts for Valentine’s Day more than receive them.


How Happy Couple helped two women get engaged with a sneaky question on the phone

Call it a success story for the Happy Couple app, and for LOVE. One of our longtime users, Amanda, reached out and we secretly programmed «will you marry me»


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"Specifically for couples to engage in fun activities"

"Fun ways to spice up their relationship"

"Get to know each

"Having a long distance relationship is not always easy. Lucky we found the Happy Couple app! We both play it every day and the unexpected answers gives us always something exciting to talk about!"

"Happy Couple is a fun app that helps us stay connected and gives valuable insight into our relationship. The questions spark interesting conversations and the activities are great to keep things fresh!"

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