Community Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct represents our values as a community, our belief in love, collaboration, and mutual respect...

Why a Code of Conduct

We strongly believe in the importance of human interaction, freedom, and love. We believe that when people come together and exchange ideas with good intentions, extraordinary things can happen. This is the principle behind social networks; this is the core of human relationships. We also believe that in any extreme there can be vice, even in something as virtuous as freedom. For this community to remain safe and helpful, it is crucial that we establish a set of shared common values. This is why we want each and every member of our community to read and understand this Code of Conduct before they join the Happy Couple Community.

It takes Courage to share

We know not everyone is comfortable talking about their relationships, and that's fine! However, this community is here to empower everyone. Most of us are still learning about love, but some of us may understand something that others have yet to find out for themselves. Sometimes, talking to people who have dealt with similar problems can really help you save time and energy. With our community members’ insights, along with the contributions of our amazing content creators, we want to provide the resources to help you to create real-life memories and bonding experiences. As a community, the least we can do for those who are generous and brave enough to share and support other couples is to give them the respect they deserve.

Trust is the Key

With any exchange of ideas and information, there is bound to be false and inaccurate information. We all make mistakes, whether it’s a typo or the wrong emoji. Besides, things aren’t always so black and white in love, and this community is not here to decide what is right or wrong for anyone. However, we do believe that it is in our members’ best interest to have a standard, to make sure that the platform is not filled with unhealthy, misleading, and/or inappropriate content. We stand against disinformation that intends to divide us. The same goes with hateful, harmful, and discriminatory content and any other forms of cyber-abuse. Every member of the community has the right to report content, and it is up to all of us to keep it healthy and lively.

Love is all around you

This community is here to support you, to inspire you, and to facilitate growth in your relationship. It is not there to replace it, to get you “hooked” on it, or to make you neglect what is real in your life. As a community, we advocate meaningful commitment; we want to give everyone the resources to nurture a healthy relationship. All the contents found here are meant to help you to make a choice, whether it’s to have a tough conversation with your partner, or simply to figure out what to do with your free time. It is important to be reminded that you, and only you, can decide what happens in your love life, and only you get to write your story!

Before you go...

It is often how you start a discussion that determines community members’ reactions. Here are some tips to get quick and useful responses. We encourage you to “upvote” quality reactions whenever you see them, so that other members are more likely to see them as well! We take your privacy very seriously, you can find more details about our privacy policies here.

Enjoy discovering & Grow!