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Credits: Markus Helaniemi

Credits: Markus Helaniemi



Emily & William, 22
Together for 2 years - Grenada, St George's & Brooklyn, NY, US

"Happy Couple has helped us to learn new things about our relationship, even while living 2000 miles apart.
We love getting new questions every day and we always look forward to gaining points and leveling up. It's a quick, fun addition to our busy schedules, and the competitiveness keep us on our toes!"

Alexis & Taylor, 21 & 24
Together for 4 months - United States, Athens

Taylor and I have only been dating for about 4 months so, we still describe ourselves as "honeymoonphasers". We're both students at the University of Georgia so we spend A LOT of time and almost every night together. Which meant, when I had to go to Kentucky for a few days, we had to find other ways to "do stuff together". It was actually on the day I was flying back in that I thought, "I bet there're like apps for this kind of thing." I found Happy Couple, which we use everyday and LOVE and Desire42. Since we are a new couple and still getting to know each other Happy Couple leads us to some interesting stories and insight on how each other thinks. The quizzes themselves don't take more than five minutes a day but the debates about where the best place to sit in the theater is and stories about how we've each been caught in an Internet scam have been the real best part of the app. Thanks Happy Couple!

Jake and Maddi, 47 & 46
Together for 3 years - United States, Erie

We stumbled onto happy couple by accident and have really enjoyed it. We are both divorced and in our mid 40's. Although we met in third grade we didn't actually become a couple until 4 years ago. Happy Couple has been a great relationship conversation starter. Although we know quite a bit about each other, its fun to explore the different topics the app inspires.

Gael & Annabel, 33 & 21
Together for 4 months - Atlanta, Georgia, United States

The app is a good way to keep up with questions in your relationship you may not have thought about before and spurs discussion. It has a lot of potential and we hope to see it continue to grow.

Audrey & Ga, 20 & 21
Together for 1 year - United States Elon

Our friends make fun of us for staring at our phones instead of at each other, but Happy Couple is a great way to find out things about each other that we didn't want to ask ourselves!

Clay & Melani, 23 & 20
Together for 6 months - Germany & Phoenix, United States

"Happy Couple is a fun way to stay connected to your partner and also learn something about your relationship! Melanie and I live oceans apart but feel connected guessing each other's answers and comparing results over the phone! This is a must have relationship app and I highly recommend it to any couples that want a fun app to do together as a team "

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