Dare to find out the truth

Happy Couple is a fun quiz-style game to discover what your partner really thinks.

Closer than ever

How it works

Each day, from 6 different topics, you answer 5 new questions for your partner, then for yourself. Trigger surprising (mis)matches!

Discover a daily tip to boost your relationship and practice it together, or on your own, through personalized activities and challenges.

Earn points with good guesses, unlock new levels together and take your relationship over the top.

Happy Couples

Calvin & Tess, 30 & 28
Burlington, VT, USA, together for 18 months
"My partner and I look forward to using the Happy Couple app every day. It''s helped us learn about each other''s quirks, explore our perception of one another more deeply, and has sparked some really fun conversations."
Kim & William, 24 & 28
Duluth, MN, USA, together for 6 months
"I have used Happy Couple for over a month now. This app is fun, unique, and interesting. I love the questions and that you interact with your partner. The categories are fun and are good tools to use to find out new things about your partner. I definitely recommend Happy Couple."
David & Amanda, 25
Trumbull, Connecticut, USA, together for 5 years
"Colors! Lights! Pretty birds! But seriously, my wife and I enjoy the discussions brought up by this app. The disarmingly cheerful interface belies the potential for deep, enlightening relational growth"
Sasha & Taylor, 28 & 36
Oakland, CA, USA, together for 2 years
"Happy Couple is a fun app that helps us stay connected and gives valuable insight into our relationship. The questions spark interesting conversations and the activities are great to keep things fresh! "

About Us

Julien Robert


Serial Entrepreneur. Engineer with a big heart. Hacking the code to become a Happy Couple.

Dr. Lonnie Barbach

Head of Content

Psychologist. Couple's therapist and author of numerous best-sellers on sex and relationships.

Arnaud Le Mérour

Chief Marketing Officer

Previously Digital Manager in the Media and Trade Industries. Game addict.

Erin Johnson

Head of Design

Former Google employee, from San Francisco. Now based in Europe to discover new design trends.



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