Meet Happy Couple: Who We Are and How
Want to Help The World Have Great Relationships


You don’t have to be the same, to have a great relationship!

Like so many people, Happy Couple CEO and co-founder Julien Robert met his wife, Erin, on Tinder. It was exciting, it was romantic, and it later led to the Happy Couple app being born.

Erin is American. Julien is from France. Soon enough, they realized they had a lot of differences. But they committed to learning about each other and deepening their relationship.

Taking Julien’s programming skills and experience running startups, and Erin’s background in user interface and experience design, Julien says “I wanted to find a way to join my brain with my heart and create a really great relationship for me and Erin, and for others as well.”

Julien then called his longtime friend, Arnaud Le Mérour, who is a digital and marketing expert and a hard-core gamer. Arnaud’s skills brought the fun, game-playing element into the development of the upcoming app.

They also brought on board Dr. Lonnie Barbach, the famous best-selling author with 40 years of experience as couples therapist. Her insight was invaluable to figure out what questions couples should be asking each other at which point in their relationships.

With their combined broad backgrounds and experience, the four co-founders created Happy Couple, an app that gives partners fun quiz questions to learn about each other.

Happy Couple is a great answer to what happens next after people meet, decide they’re attracted, and start dating.

For each question, you answer for yourself, and then guess what your partner will answer.

You’ll find out where you guessed right about your partner, and where you can have some conversations to learn more about each other.

Here’s what we want people to know about Happy Couple, and our approach to relationships:

1: You don’t have to be the same, to have a good relationship. We want to encourage couples to get to know each other, including your differences! The key to a happy relationship is knowing and accepting each other.

2: The quiz game is fun! But playing is not our only goal for couples using the app. We encourage users to use the questions and answers to stimulate conversations and deepen their in-person interactions.

3: We care about giving you great tips and content in the app to help your journey with your partner. We’re partnering with relationship experts and therapists to bring you the best guidance for your relationship.

We’re also listening to your feedback! Every now and then, we send you a question so you can give us feedback about the app, a question, a new feature or let us know what you'd like to see.

You can also contact us anytime, and we love to hear from you!

Happy Playing!

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Get to know your partner better

Happy Couple is a free, fun quiz-style game with more than 3,000 questions to guide you and your partner in getting to know each other and deepening your relationship.