3 Ways to Make Sure Your Valentine’s Gift is a Hit


Research shows more people like to give, than receive gifts

If you’re using Valentine’s Day to show your love for your partner, it’s your chance to give a gift that’s a hit… or a miss. Here’s some advice about how to make sure your partner feels loved and has the kind of Valentine’s day he or she dreams of.

  • Make it personal! Something that shows you really know your partner and are thinking of them is sure to be moving.
  • Ask! Don’t be afraid to have a conversation about what would make Valentine’s Day the most special for your partner. Do they want a fancy gift? Or are they craving your time and and attention? Finding out straight from them is better than guesswork that may lead you astray.
  • Don’t go overboard. Research shows that while people like to give a gift for Valentine’s day, those receiving prefer affection or romance than a gift.

When asked what they want their partner to do for them on Valentine’s day, 58% of people said “Just spend time together, doing anything,” according to 81,445 answers from users of the relationship-building app, Happy Couple. Only 3% chose “Buy me a gift.”

How much money do people think they need to spend on a Valentine’s day gift? The most common answer was $50 (44%).

There was a big difference, however, between how many men and women said they think they need to spend over $100: it was double the amount of men (24%) while only 12% of women said they think they need to spend over $100 on a Valentine’s Day gift.

See the infographic below for more answers on people’s Valentine’s Day gift preferences.

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