How to Support Your Relationship
and Partner With New Year’s Goals and Resolutions


Congratulations, you’re starting 2018 in a relationship! By now you know that relationships take time and attention, and the new year is a great time to set up some ways to support and improve your relationship. Having a partner is also an opportunity to get support in your personal goals and dreams.

43% of people said they make resolutions “once in a while” in a quiz question from Happy Couple, a relationship-building app. There were some themes from their answers about what makes a good relationship, learned about couples’ shared goals, and the best ways partners can support each other.

Here are some ideas that will help you and your partner thrive together and in your relationship.

What’s the key to a healthy, lasting relationship? Out of about 32,000 answers in Happy Couple, 50% chose “honest communication.”

Not only that, but 50% of people said the way their partner can best support them is “by being a good listener.”

Give your relationship a strong start to the new year by taking time to listen and to communicate honestly 100% of the time.

(By the way, did you notice that “great sex” as the key to a great relationship came in last at only 5%?)

When people were asked a quiz question in the Happy Couple app about what they hope to do more of with their partner in the new year, 38% said they want to spend more time on tackling their new year’s goals and resolutions together.

So don’t be afraid to ask for help from your partner with your goals, says relationship therapist Alysha Jeney, founder of Modern Love Counseling in Denver, CO.

“This is maybe something you don’t even realize you do, but often times we innately go inward when we are stressed, scared, struggling in any way, verses turning toward our partner and asking for reassurance, acceptance, encouragement, etc.” she says.

And when it’s your turn to support your partner? A relationship is a two-way street, after all.

“You can never go wrong with reassurance,” Jeney says. For example, you can reassure your partner by saying things like “you’re doing great babe!” or with validation (“I can imagine it’s tough”), and patience,” she says.

As for the main shared goal that people said they will work on together and support their partner with? 51% chose “self-improvement”, or helping each other become better people and partners. Tied for second were “health,” and “personal advancement in career, money or home” with 23% each.

Do you encourage your partner to follow his or her dreams? A whopping 85 percent of people answered “I’m his/her biggest fan!”

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