Happy Couple Polls and Playlists: Best Songs to Make Love To


Marvin Gaye, Ed Sheeran and Ginuwine Most Chosen

Need help setting the mood, for getting in the mood? Ever wonder what music other people like to have sex to? Happy Couple asked users of the popular relationship-building app for their favorite tracks and artists to put on while making love. We also polled more than 50,000 users (below) on their music preferences for time between the sheets.

The top tracks?

Songs having the most repeated submissions were:

Marvin Gaye - Let’s Get it On

There is a season for subtlety, and a season to communicate your desires in very clear terms, from deep within your smoldering soul. This track leaves no questions about what those desires might be.

Ed Sheeran - Perfect

We’ve all been blissed out on love and had a song that somehow speaks our feelings for us. Your partner is perfect (to you, anyway) and Ed Sheeran says it for you.

Ginuwine - Pony

When this track’s deep, synthed-up baseline hits, everyone on the entire planet starts to move their hips. There is no exact figure for how many babies have been made to this song, but let’s just say that world population may have spiked 9 months after this song was released.

Let’s face it -- love and sex are not one-size-fits-all enterprises. The same goes for the music we listen to when we get down and dirty. Would you have guessed a few people sent in Frank Sinatra tracks? We’ve got romantic ballads that make you melt, we’ve got dirty hip-hop that will knock your socks off, we’ve got cheesy 80s rock that still hits all the right spots. We’re sure there’s a little something for everyone!

Check out these playlists from user submissions from all around the world here.

Deezer Playlist

User Polls: Music preferences during sex

Do you need music on in the bedroom? Or prefer the natural sounds of love? Here’s what people think, according to more than 40,000 answers from Happy Couple users.

What kind of music do you enjoy during sex?

• Something slow and moody - 38%

• None, I leave the speakers off - 36%

• Any kind of music is good - 20%

• Something fast and intense - 6%

How important is music to you during sex or intimate time together?

• It's nice, but I'll take it or leave it - 67%

• I prefer no music, but I'm ok if my partner wants it - 20%

• I don't like music on during intimate time - 6 %

• I need it! It's essential for the mood - 4%

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