Speak Your Partner’s Love Language


Learn which one of the 5 love languages will lead to harmony in your relationship

What if you could know exactly how to make your partner feel happy and loved? Maybe you’ve felt like your partner isn’t seeing or hearing the way you show your affection. Or maybe you don’t feel you’re receiving love in the way that gives you confidence and affirmation of your partner’s feelings. Is it words? Is it touch? Maybe gifts? There’s an easy way to find out.

This simple system of learning the 5 Love Languages, and finding out yours and your partner’s, could transform your relationship. A healthy relationship needs positive interactions, and regular reinforcements of love and affection.

Dr. Gary Chapman’s approach from his book says that we all recognize receiving and expressing love in one (or two) primary ways out of these 5 ways:

• Words of Affirmation

• Physical Touch

• Receiving Gifts

• Act of Service

• Quality Time

It’s important for you to know YOUR love language AND your partner’s. That way, you can recognize when your partner is making an attempt to show love. And you can offer it to him or her in the way that they’ll receive it best, even if it’s not the most natural for you.

You can take the quiz here to find out yours by signing up: Find Out Your Love Language

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