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Everyone remembers their first kiss – or so they say. Your first kiss is said to be one of the most magical moments of your life, with sparks igniting as soon as your lips touch, your heart pounding in your chest, and butterfly’s fluttering about in your stomach. If everything goes right, that is. Truth be told, completely fairytale like first kisses are extremely rare. For a good majority of people, their first kiss was nothing short of awkward, with nerves high and self-consciousness on their mind. Does my breath smell ok? What if I’m a bad kisser? Is this the right moment? Thoughts fill your mind and before you know it the kiss is over. Will you kiss again? Was it sloppy? Pleasant? We asked our Happy Couple users to tell us about their first kiss experience and compiled our favorites in a single article for your reading pleasure.

Submitted by Stephanie from Chicago, USA:

After our first date at a hip taco place, we didn't want to stop hanging out so we decided to chill at his place and talk more. I always have a book on me - this one was "They can't kill us till They Kill Us" which is a poetic articulation of racism in the context of mainstream music and how artists are pushing the limits of our thinking. Chance the Rapper came up in conversation and without thinking I pulled out the chapter on him and started narrating it. Yes, I started reciting poetry in the silliest way to a hot guy on our first date..eek. luckily he was so confused by it that he must have mistaken his confusion for fascination because mid verse he kissed me. We've been together ever since.

“We'd been dancing and chatting all night”

Submitted by Jennifer from Pittsburgh, USA:

We were on our first date (after meeting through friends) at a concert. We'd been dancing and chatting all night, having a great time. At some point near the end of the evening, he texted me privately to say, "I can't wait to kiss you!" I thought it was very sexy that he told me what he wanted without springing it on me, and I had the fun of anticipation the rest of the date. As we were leaving, he walked me to my car and we kissed. It was perfect! Then he said, "that was nice, we need another." Beyond the obvious chemistry, I loved that he told me what he was thinking and feeling, not too aggressive or shy either. It was just right! Now years later, we still enjoy the kisses 😉😚

Submitted by Sharese from Reading, USA:

It was like our 4th date and he didn’t make a move. He texted me after he dropped me off saying he was embarrassed that he didn’t kiss me yet. I drove to him and told him we should go to a park and swing. We found a park, but there were no swings so I climbed the jungle gym. We then sat on a bench and looked at the smoke clouds coming from a nearby building and described what we saw. He still didn’t kiss me so I tried to kiss him and he blocked me and then kissed me so he would be the person to initiate it 🙄 i laid my head on his lap and we sat in silence enjoying the quiet. I was 23 and he was 22.

“I was lost in a kiss that I haven’t ever gotten over”

Submitted by Ameer from Cape Town, ZA:

We went out on our first date and somehow it came up that a friend of hers said to only show a photo of me to them if I kissed her. I did.. but the magic happened a few minutes after as I was putting my helmet on outside getting ready to pull off. I realized I’d forgotten my sunglasses. Figured “hey, it’s a good reason to get together again” but then I felt someone pull me around and I was lost in a kiss that I haven’t ever gotten over and I don’t think I ever will. She’d ran from the other side of the mall to bring them to me. And I think neither of us even remember what those sunnies looked like at this point. And who cares?

Submitted by Charlynn from USA:

He had walked me to the door and we were saying goodnight, after a fun date. I had planned to kiss him on the cheek that night so that it would be clear I was interested. We hugged and I went to kiss him on the cheek, right as he kissed me on the cheek...Which translated to we were both obviously interested and moved into making out on my porch. I think he was a little surprised at the results of a kiss on the cheek😗

Submitted by Rachel from Berlin, DE:

It was beautiful. After our second date we were waiting to take our separate trains home and at the last moment, right when both of our trains were pulling up to go in opposite directions she looked at me and said "I know I'm going to regret it if I don't ask you. Can I kiss you?" I very quickly nodded and she was kissing me before I was even done. It was perfect. Very gentle and soft, and she immediately ran to her train without looking back. I was so overwhelmed by it that I immediately pulled art supplies out of my bag and drew her beautiful blue eyes, her hair, the fireworks I had felt inside. And on my 15 minute walk home from the train station I couldn't stop singing. I wouldn't change a single thing about it.

“Immediately the sparks came out”

Submitted by Steph from Pittsburg, USA:

Our first kiss together was magical and unforgettable. It happened the first day we met in person after meeting online in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.. It was as if our lips were meant to be together a long time ago because it felt like our lips were magnetically united. We kissed at the same time and immediately the sparks came out and the best part is that we both never forget it and fall in love every time we reminisce about our first kiss together.

Submitted by Farrah from Ceres, USA:

We reunited after 10 years. (25 yr old) He friended me on Facebook, and meet up that night. We spent hours catching up drinking Blue Moon until 2 or 3 in the morning. I walked with him to his car and our eyes locked.... Instant butterflies. He leaned in and kissed me. I felt like we were in high school again. All the feelings flooded back. I had broke up with him Senior year to date another guy. We both went our separate ways, however, I could never get over him. I kept all the notes and letters and pictures. His parents and grandparents kept our prom photos. And his mom would occasionally ask about me. Our relationship was meant to be. We always thought about each other. I still get butterflies when we kiss, every kiss is like our first kiss. 💜

“It was a hot mess but I love it”

Submitted by Mariah from Virginia Beach, USA:

I was sick as a dog and he was over taking care of me. He had never kissed anyone before and as we were going to bed he asked me if he could kiss me. I asked him if he was sure since I was so sick and he said yes. When we kissed his lips were really dry and he stopped to lick them so we could try again. It was a hot mess but I love it haha.

Submitted by Zoe from Sedalia, USA:

With our two year anniversary next month and many to come, our first kiss was unexpected, random, but truly amazing. We were standing in my kitchen: I was just rambling about something which I immediately forgot that moment when he walked over whilst I'm mid sentence with a calm but sexy look in his eyes (like in the movies yes)((he's a firefighter too)) and passionately reached out one hand on my waist and other on the back of my neck and pulled him into him landing a perfect seemless kiss! It was swift, smooth, and soooo romantic. It was probably the best feeling in the whole world. I was completely taken by surprise and if I could go back to make it any better, I wouldn't change a single thing.

Submitted by Steve from Gent, BE:

It was at platform 2 in the train station. I used to wave her goodbye after we both had college together. I knew she was falling for me and I liked her too so one day I decided to go in for the kill. She got all excited and texted her best friend that we had kissed. The rest is history!

“Now we’re engaged, so I’d say it went well”

Submitted by Brenda from Fontana, USA:

My husband and I had very cheesy and romantic beginnings. I never believed in love at first sight, but when we laid eyes on each other, we just knew. He was 23 and I was 22. We had chemistry class in college. Fast forward to our first date; we had a very fun, sweet evening. I knew I wanted him to be my boyfriend. He took me home and we sat in his car. With such confidence he said, "How about we end this night with a great one?" I thought it was considerate to ask me before kissing me, and I definitely wanted to kiss him. I acted suave, but I was nervous. I rushed to lean over to kiss him. He still had his seatbelt on because in my eagerness, I didn't give him a chance to unbuckle. I only later learned that I had jumped the gun by not giving him the chance to undo his seatbelt, but he was also nervous so he hadn't thought it through before he asked. We were just nervous and trying to put on a fascade of confidence. Overall, it was sweet, and romantic.

Submitted by Melissa from New York, USA:

It was our second time ever meeting face-to-face after a whirlwind 6-hour first date meet-cute at a museum of food and drink a month prior. We clicked instantly, and almost kissed on the subway platform, but he was recovering from the flu. Long story short, within a few weeks I convinced him to fly out from London (his home base) to Brooklyn (my home base) to visit me over Halloween, and to my surprise and delight, he was on board! Our first kiss was on the stoop of my brownstone at 9AM in the morning after he landed at JFK and he was totally jet lagged. The kiss was nice, but I think back more about the rest of that day — taking the ferry to Governors Island, cuddling in hammocks, and eating street food. And now we’re engaged, so I’d say it went well ;)

“I tried to kiss her cheek but she moved to face me and we bumped faces”

Submitted by Ingvild from Horten, NO:

Our first kiss happened two years ago, right outside King's Cross station in London. It was June. I was on holiday from Norway with a friend, and he came up from Kent to see me, after we had been talking online for several years already. We spent one wonderful day together; the first time we ever met. He was staying the night in London, but my friend was waiting, so I couldn't stay in his hotel room with him. So I took the bus back around 2 am, and neither of us made a move that night. However, we both regretted it, and decided to meet up just for five minutes the next morning, to at least take some pictures together. My friend wanted to have breakfast at King's Cross, which was close to where he was staying anyway, so I excused myself and met him outside. We talked, took some selfies, and then he gave me a peck on the cheek. "You might as well do it properly", I said, as I turned to him and kissed him. When I returned to study abroad in London in September that year, we officially became a couple.

Submitted by Quitta from Seattle, USA:

Our first kiss was an awkward one. Simply put, it wasn't suppose to happen. After a chill night hanging out with him at his family's house. I ended up giving him a ride home. We did have a couple drinks. Do Not Drink And Drive!! Ever!! But I had 1 so I was fine.. Anyway when he got back to his place he wanted to give me a hug so I got out of the car. As we said out good nights, he asked if i would give him a kiss on the cheek. Something innocent but I thought he would just turn his head at the last minute. So I turned it for him! Not quite what he expected but he didn't seem to mind. To this day I still blame it on the alcohol lol.

Submitted by Mia from Inverness, UK:

We were in a long distance relationship (Britain/Mexico) for over a year, until, on our first day of meeting we were lying together and I tried to kiss her cheek but she moved to face me and we bumped faces. She asked me to try again and when I did I completely missed and kissed her chin! The next day we made out after waking up though and all was fine in the kissing department after that!

“I tried to kiss her cheek but she moved to face me and we bumped faces”

Submitted by Chris from Magnolia, USA:

We had just met and were talking and listening to music when I asked for a hug, and then as corny as possible I asked for a kiss and we shared the most amazing and passionate kiss that showed me what it feels like when people refer to butterflies

Submitted by Mat from Brooklyn, USA:

Kailey and I had been talking via PlayStation chat, iMessage, and Skype for about 6 months before we met in person for the first time. While we knew one another pretty well, we live five states apart and so this first meeting had a lot of excitement to it. I had told her in advance that I was going to kiss her the moment I saw her, but that was evidently not warning enough, because when we finally met she only half kissed back and it was very awkward. We then spent an hour car ride back to her apartment together holding hands while she told me every fact she knows about cows. It was magical.

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