Help your relationship thrive during the holidays


Going home together, dealing with family, buying gifts, and navigating the end of the year: the holidays can be a make-it or break-it time for relationships. So how can you help your relationship thrive? We looked at answers from users of Happy Couple, the world’s number one relationship-building app, to see what the most important communication topics are for couples at this time of year.

It seems that the same things can be a source of joy and stress. Based on our user’s answers, people’s top two favorite things about the holidays are being with family (56%) and exchanging gifts (21%).

The good news is, 28% of people said “I love it!” when asked how they feel about gift-giving.

But the rest either aren’t into it or find it stressful to pick or pay for gifts.

How do you feel about gift-giving during the holidays?

How can you support yourself and your partner so that the gift part of the holidays is as stress-free as possible?

The key is managing expectations. Have a conversation before it’s crunch time, about whether you will exchange gifts, how much money will be spent, and try to find out the things that make each other happy. Here’s an example below of the kind of question you can have a conversation about. People in relationships playing Happy Couple (download link) were asked to answer this question and also guess their partner’s feelings.

What is the best holliday gift you hope to get from your patner?

Another big part of the holidays is seeing family.

That often means traveling, and sometimes means it’s not YOUR family.

We asked our users, “Where’s the perfect place to spend Christmas day?” and their preferences for their own families was clear:

Sounds like a time for compromise. No matter whose family you end up with, here are some tips for making it harmonious for all:

Prioritize positivity. Sure, it might be easier to complain and argue. But try to find a way to let things slide and get along with everyone during this temporary time.

Don’t forget about your needs. Follow some steps for self-care so you feel pampered and at home, even if it’s a more stressful environment.

Be on the same team as your partner. Make agreements in advance and stick together.

We asked our users if they’d want their partner to stick up for them when it comes to family. This is another great conversation to have with your partner before family visits. Couples using the Happy Couple app learned these things, along with answers to thousands of other subjects, by playing together. You can see the difference between how men and women answered:

And if all else fails, there’s always one tried and tested way to connect…

What do you think? What are you most excited (or most worried about) during this holiday season? What tips can you and your partner give other couples about thriving in the upcoming weeks? Ever had sex while visiting your parents? Send these tips to your partner or friends and start a conversation!

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