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See why 80 percent of users said Happy Couple made their relationship better

We all know relationships take work. But how often are we given clear guidelines of what that “work” is, and how to do it? Happy Couple is an app that was created to guide people in the important conversations they should be having at any stage of any relationship, to learn about each other and build deeper, more meaningful connections. Consider it the cure to the meaningless swiping culture.

With more than 650,000 users and 130 million questions answered it’s clear that couples love playing Happy Couple’s fun quiz game. But we wanted to know -- is it really helping people have better relationships?

In a survey of 5,000 users who were asked “Do you think your relationship is better today as a result of playing Happy Couple?” 80 percent responded Yes! The percentage was slightly higher for people who had been in a relationship for less than one year.

This shows that finally, a relationship app exists out there that offers real, expert content with curated tips and challenges, and 3,100 questions to ask, answer, and stimulate important conversations. After all, knowing what your partner feels and thinks is the most important factor for healthy relationships as measured by a recent data science study on Happy Couple..

Here are 7 reasons to play Happy Couple, backed by testimonials from users about how they’ve benefitted:

1: Get to know your partner (obviously)

Studies have shown that one of the biggest parts of a healthy relationship is good communication and understanding how your partner feels and thinks. The best way to know… is to ask! “Asking questions clears up the confusion,” says Dr. Lonnie Barbach, Happy Couple’s Head of Content and couples therapist. “It’s not just about finding out if you’re compatible. It’s about knowing your differences and understanding them so you can accept them.”

“Some people aren’t sure how to have the conversations that can help a relationship. Questions give people skills and direction to talk about things constructively,” Barbach says.

“We play Happy Couple because it helps us think of questions we may not necessarily think of ourselves which sparks new and intriguing conversations thus keeping us interested whilst being entertained by the frequently funny conversations inspired by questions within the app. Thank you Happy Couple from a very happy couple.” -Anna, 26, Barnsley, UK

“With the kids we don't have a lot of time to think of, let alone discuss the topics we want to learn about one another. Happy Couple gives us a way to continue learning what makes one another tick while real life keeps marching forward.” -James, 34, Phoenix, Arizona

“I love to learn new things about my partner every day. Even sometimes when I am sure I know something about him his answer surprises me so we had lots of deep conversations about some questions. Sometimes I have to think about myself to answer certain questions. In general Happy Couple led to lots of conversations and made us a better team!” -Annabel, 29, Bochum, Germany

2: Receive the information about how to be a better partner

We all have ways that we show our love and affection, and how we recognize and receive love (see our blog post on the 5 Love Languages to learn more!) Playing Happy Couple can help you identify areas you can do better in your relationship, and what your partner really needs.

“It helps to unveil our points of convergence and our differences. It helps me to identify my flaws and take active actions to be a better partner.” - Kuca, 31, São Paulo, Brazil

3: Understand yourself better in a relationship

Before we can understand each other, we have to understand ourselves. Happy Couple’s wide range of questions makes you think about your preferences, interests, emotions, hopes goals to help you understand yourself in a relationship.

“We love talking about our answers and really getting to know each other in ways that do not naturally come up. It helps us understand our emotional triggers and gives us a better way of acknowledging them.” -Martin, US

“We love Happy Couple because it helps us ask questions we never think to ask. Also, it helps us both better understand how we perceive one another and better understand ourselves. We like that it makes us take the perspective of the other person when answering questions.” -Stephanie, 22, Beavercreek

4: Say the things you really need to say

Honesty and letting things out is important for clear communication and solid relationships. Holding things in can lead to resentment. Say what you want to say and trust you can work through it. Happy Couple’s questions can help initiate those conversations in a non-confrontational way.

“Since this is my first serious relationship, my partner thought it'd be a good idea to try it out. It's been a good sounding board for my frustrations, and it's been a good point of conversation. It brought out honesty within both of us. Worth it, overall.” -Andre, 17, US

5: Stay connected anytime, anywhere

The feeling of disconnection in long-distance relationships or periods of separation can be tough. But Happy Couple offers a way to continue having an exchange even while you’re apart. Answering the daily quiz can keep the conversation and insights flowing. And a popular new “Fill-In” feature lets you send little notes to your partner to show them you’re thinking about them.

“My girlfriend and I play Happy Couple in order to minimize the "distance" in a long distance relationship. It is fun to work towards a goal together while we are are apart. We have fun commenting on each other's answers and often talk about why we chose something as an answer.” - Matias, 24, Philadelphia, US

“Since we are in a long distance relationship, it’s really fun to have a little way to connect each day. We often send each other notes and screenshots and laugh about our answers, and we’ve learned a surprising amount of new things that wouldn’t have come up otherwise!” - Heather, 30, Oakland, US

6: Enhance your in-person time together

Even though technology can cause a lot of isolation and disconnection from the human experience, the Happy Couple app was created to cure that by encouraging in-person conversations and experiences. Many users say one of their highlights is reviewing their answers together, and they love what they learn about their partners. Challenges offer fresh activity ideas, and tips from relationship and psychology experts help you grow as a partner.

“Happy Couple has really helped my husband and I communicate better, and to see how we're different in what we need from our partner!! We go over EVERY question and the answers at the end of the week!! The challenges are GREAT too!!! It gives us ideas about things we can do together, that are creative, fun, and help us connect on a deeper level!! Thank you Happy Couple!” -Tracy, 39, Rockford, US

“Happy Couple helps keep our relationship feeling fresh. We bring up the questions and our answers in conversations and we learn new things about each other 2 years down the line. We enjoy the challenges and try be creative to treat each other every now and again. The tips have helped us stay open and mindful of our reactions towards each other and help us see the others opinion which may have been difficult if not coming from an objective party. We like reaching the new levels and seeing new challenges.” -Martinique, 24, Johannesburg, South Africa

7: Identify and resolve issues early:

Conflict is different than confrontation. Sometimes there are issues that need to be confronted, and it’s good to have a clear understanding of how to have these conversations that won’t lead to fighting. Happy Couple offers a structured way to identify the areas that need discussing, and the first bits of information you need to start those conversations.

“My wife and I play Happy Couple to keep learning about our relationship. Choices and opinions change over time and it’s great to get a topic that we thought we knew that we didn’t know after all. The challenges keep some intrigue and fun in our relationship and reminds us to not take things for granted or become too comfortable. And every once in awhile it shows a fundamental disconnect that we can identify and resolve before it becomes overwhelming. We play practically daily and send little messages that make us smile and warm our hearts.” Allen, 32, US

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