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6 Tips to Make the Most Out of Getting to Know Each Other

You and your partner know the importance of learning about each other to get close and deepen your relationship. That’s why you’re playing Happy Couple together, right? With just 5 quiz questions you answer about yourself, and then guess 5 more for your partner, Happy Couple gives you the framework to have meaningful conversations about the things that matter for your relationship. No matter the stage you’re in, or what kind of details make up your unique relationship -- like dating, married, with kids, long-distance, or gay, Happy Couple is set up to give you questions just for you.

So how can you make the most of using a phone app to build your human relationship? Here are a few tips from from the creators of Happy Couple:

• Have real conversations: We think this is the most important thing to know about Happy Couple. Have fun playing the quiz questions, and let this be the spark for a variety of fun, deep, meaningful, playful, fruitful discussions. Whether you do it in-person or long-distance… talk! We’ve heard from some users that they play every evening, for example, and follow the quiz with a conversation about the questions and each of their answers. Technology has taken us away from face-to-face, live interactions with people, and we created Happy Couple to be a cure for this disconnection. Set an intention with your partner that you will carve out the time for conversations, and this will help get to know each other and build a stronger relationship.

• Be honest! Having a strong relationship is not about trying to “look good” to your partner. It’s about each person bringing their full truth and full self to the table, and learning to love, accept, and grow with each other.

• Write in an answer if you don’t see the right one: Maybe one of the four choices doesn’t match up to how you really feel. Write in your most honest answer, especially if it’s a topic you want to re-visit in more depth later with your partner.

• Play every day: Growing a relationship is a constant, steady activity -- like growing a plant or anything else. You can tend to your relationship by keeping up a steady pace of getting to know each other by asking and answering questions, and having great conversations. You’ll also keep up with your partner instead of falling behind on the questions they might be answering. Playing Happy Couple -- like anything you do to get to know each other -- is a great way to keep things fresh.

• There are no right or wrong answers: This activity is a way to get to know your partner better -- and maybe even yourself. Think about what’s really true for you. This is the best starting point.

• Use the challenges, tips and fill-ins: Happy Couple offers you a variety of suggestions to make your own and use in the best way for your relationship. There are challenges, to push you to plan and do things you may not get around to. The tips are carefully curated by relationship therapists and experts. And Fill-Ins let you fill in the blank to help you share your thoughts with your partner and let them know you’re thinking about them even when you are apart.

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Get to know your partner better

Happy Couple is a free, fun quiz-style game with more than 3,000 questions to guide you and your partner in getting to know each other and deepening your relationship.