5 Ways to Survive Travel with Your Partner


If you could do more of one single thing with your partner, what would it be? Would it surprise you that the number one answer chosen by people -- 59 percent -- was “Take more trips and travel together?” That even beat “having more sex” -- only 14 percent chose that when playing the Happy Couple quiz game!

Travel can be a wonderful, enriching, unforgettable experience as a couple. But you want it to be unforgettable for the right reasons, not for the big disagreements or conflicts that might arise. With a little communication and preparation, you can avoid the most common pitfalls experienced by couples who travel together. Here are some tips to guide your travel journey.

1: Manage expectations

Think in advance about the things that might come up along the way: do you freak out on planes? Does your partner get hangry after too many hours without food? Do you hate museums? Don’t worry about what your partner will think if you bring these points up in advance. It’s better to talk about it and manage expectations in a relaxed moment before the trip, than to have it pop up unexpectedly when you’re under stress or time constraints. Talk about things you want to do (and not do) and how you can best support each other to have the most amazing time ever.

2: It’s ok not to want to do the exact same things:

Having common interests is great, but not everyone has total overlap all the time. Find a way to communicate the things you are BOTH excited to do or see together, and those things only one of you wants to do, and then find a compromise so that you each get to have the experiences you’ve been dreaming of.

3: Balance your time together, and apart

Believe it or not, there may be a place for some alone time, even when you’re on this long-awaited romantic getaway. Taking some time for a solo walk, or doing an activity only one of you is interested in, can offer you some time to reconnect with yourself and enable you to come back together to be a pair refreshed and ready to connect again.

4: Disconnect and be in the moment: you can’t get it back

It’s tempting to take a lot of photos and videos and want to show everyone on social media all the amazing beautiful experiences you’re immersed in during your trip. But as you do that, moments of experience that you can’t get back are passing by. Minimize the time you look at the screen, and just use it for essentials and some photos that you post later.

Be present in the moment and the experience with your sweetheart, isn’t that what you came for? Sharing experiences is one of the best ways to bond and connect and you’ll have long-lasting memories from going deep into these moments. Put the technology and distractions aside and enjoy.

5: Go with the flow:

Sometimes the most fun and memorable moments in travel come out of something unexpected or something that hasn’t gone quite right. Things will go wrong, plans will fall apart, but it doesn’t mean you have to have a bad time. Go with the flow and find ease in communicating what to do next. The less rigid your plan, the more open you can be to unexpected adventures. And being able to laugh about it when things don’t go quite right can sometimes create the best bonding experiences and memories.

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