4 Tips to Stay Healthy and In Shape Together


Are you finding that your life and routine changes a lot between being single, and being in a relationship? One of the biggest changes can be the time we dedicate to our personal wellness and health. While being in a relationship can offer you a partner to stay healthy with, so often it can take time away from exercise or take attention away from good eating habits. After all, who doesn’t love to Netflix and chill with some pizza or ice cream?

In fact, 29% of people who were asked if their health and fitness gets better, or worse, in a relationship said “Worse - it's too easy to just hang out and not take care of what I eat,” according to 6,700 users of the Happy Couple app.

Being in a relationship can influence us in so many directions. By setting some intentions, you and your partner can get on track to get healthy and fit together. Here are some agreements you can make to use each other’s support as a resource.

-Make healthy food a fun activity:

Eating out or ordering in together can be too easy. Healthy choices and cooking take more effort, but you can decide to take a fun approach to it instead of making it a drag or a chore. Sit down and meal plan together, make grocery shopping an enjoyable shared activity, and take pleasure in eating your healthy meals together as a way of bonding and knowing you’re contributing to each other’s wellbeing.

-Find fitness activities you can do together:

Doing positive activities can bring you closer in your relationship while also improving your health. 26% of people in relationships say they like to find ways to work out together, according to answers from the Happy Couple quiz game.

It doesn’t just have to be exercise or sports activities. Partner dancing is a great way to move around together while connecting more deeply, and acroyoga is a unique and different way to build trust, balance and strength as partners.

-Be positive:

It’s easy to get into judgmental thoughts and speech about ourselves and our partner if health and fitness slips. Be gentle on yourself and each other. Keep the thoughts and comments positive and supportive: “you’re doing great, we’re both doing our best, and the most important things are to be healthy and feel vibrant and energetic!”

When asked “How do you talk to your partner about changing diet and exercise habits?” 63% of people said “Openly and directly,” according to a question in Happy Couple.

-Set goals and rewards:

It feels good to know you’re moving towards certain goal posts, so make small, achievable goals and then reward yourselves with a fun activity like movie or concert tickets or treats like massaging each other. Goals can be simple, like exercise 3 times this week or cook healthy meals 5 times, or simply sticking to your plan for a whole week or month. The important thing is to create direction and goals you can measure, and then feel good about achieving them. And remember, you have each other for encouragement and support!

Keep the communication open, and you’ll be able to support each other and stay on a healthy track.

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