10 Days and 10 Ways to be Deeply Connected
on Valentine’s Day


What if there was a way to feel more connected to your partner than ever, exactly when Valentine’s Day arrives? Just imagine -- you’ve spent the past 10 days giving and receiving affection, compliments and support. You remember the feeling of wanting to give to your partner, make him or her feel loved, and you feel all that warmth coming back to you in return.

Ready to make that feeling a reality? This simple 10-day guide gives you and your partner one simple thing to do each day to feel more connected, supported and loved. By the time February 14th rolls around (or any time of year you wish to do this!), you’ll have re-kindled the heat that draws people together in the beginning.

Here’s how to start:

  • Print or download our Happy Couple 10-day Romance Challenge
  • Do the activities on your own or have your partner make a copy too! Either way, you’ll both benefit from the connection exercises. Check each box as you finish, and do them all even if some become late!
  • Plan a great Valentine’s day date with inspiration from our article on creative alternative dates (link coming), and go over what you liked most about the 10 challenges! Enjoy!

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Happy Couple 10-Day Romance Challenge

Ready to be more connected than ever right when Valentine’s day arrives? Download or print this page and check off each exercise. On Valentine’s Day, you’ll have a chance to review and discuss with your partner!

  • Day 1: Give your partner 3 compliments -- things you don’t normally say
  • Day 2: Find out one thing your partner could use help doing, and do it for them
  • Day 3: Share a fond memory of a date or time you spent with your partner that he/she may not remember
  • Day 4: Schedule a sex date, for today or another day soon. Consider it an assignment.
  • Day 5: Make something small and simple for your partner. It could be from paper, from something you find in nature, use your imagination.
  • Day 6: Spend 15 minutes with your partner imagining exactly where you will be together a year from today. Go into details.
  • Day 7: Set the mood and have a romantic “first date”. Dress nice, light candles, ask questions about each other, even things you think you know.
  • Day 8: Take turns letting your partner lie still, while you slowly touch and admire every part of his/her body in a non-sexual way. Spend 15 minutes on each turn. Then let it lead to wherever you want ;)
  • Day 9: It might be hard, but stick with it. Practice silently eye-gazing with your partner for a full 5 minutes. It’s proven to break barriers and deepen intimacy. Set a timer and relax into it.
  • Day 10: During your date, talk about how the activities of the past two weeks made you feel, what you liked, and what you will incorporate more of in your relationship!

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