Get to know your partner better

Happy Couple is a free, fun quiz-style game to deepen your relationship with your partner.

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"Fun ways to spice up their relationship"

"Specifically for couples to engage in fun activities"

"Get to know each
other better"

"Having a long distance relationship is not always easy. Lucky we found the Happy Couple app! We both play it every day and the unexpected answers gives us always something exciting to talk about!"

"Happy Couple is a fun app that helps us stay connected and gives valuable insight into our relationship. The questions spark interesting conversations and the activities are great to keep things fresh!"

#1 Play with your partner

Each day, from 6 different topics, you answer 5 new questions for yourself, then guess you partner’s answers. Trigger surprising (mis)matches!!

#2 Learn about your partner

Discover a daily tip to boost your relationship and then practice personalized activities and challenges alone or with your partner.

#3 Enjoy wins-wins with your partner

Earn points with good guesses, unlock new levels together and take your relationship up to the next level.

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